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Websites are dead. Sales funnels is the answer.

You might be wondering: "What on earth is a sales funnel" and "Why would we say websites are dead?"

Today, we are going to share something very exciting with you. A progressive marketing strategy utilized by some of the fastest growing SME’s globally.

Firstly, why do we say websites are dead?
At the time of writing, there is +- 1 714 918 123 registered websites on the internet. That’s a lot if your website’s goal is to make your business stand out among the masses.
At the same time, people are overloaded with information, advertisements, apps etc. and the attention span of the average person has shorten over time
According to, 8 seconds is the average person's attention span and people only read 28% of what’s written on websites.

A typical website might look as below ...
It typically includes many elements and drop down menu's..  - Video, Pictures, Wording,  Products / Services, Features of your offering, Pricing, FAQ’s, Blogs , Contact details etc. 

Don’t you just feel overwhelmed already reading the list above?

When a visitor to a website is distracted / confused with information overload they simply close a website and move on. They might scroll around a bit and then close the website.
Websites simply don’t convert new clients effectively any more. It’s a great tool to build your brand and have a professional online presence, but it acts more like a brochure for your business and not an active tool to convert new clients fast.

So what is a sales funnel and why is it so great?
Firstly, this is what the landing page of a sales funnel might look like :
It’s built online with a tool like Clickfunnels . It looks like a web page but with major differences:
  •  The focus is on 1 offer only i.e. 40% discount on a product / service / eBook, a free consultation etc. – it hence overcomes the challenge of distraction and overwhelm by focusing the visitors attention in one place and on 1 offer at a time.
  • ​It typically creates urgency with a limited time offer or scarcity with a limited amount of offers.
  • ​It showcases social proof from other satisfied customers
  • ​It asks for a client’s contact details before they can redeem the offer – this contact details can automatically be updated to your CRM system so that your sales team can contact the client immediately to offer help or to follow up when they want to visit your business.
  • ​The funnel can be integrated with an automatic online booking system like Calendly to ensure the client takes the next step of booking out the time in their calendar.
Sales funnels can be built for all industries and vary from discounted offers as above for retail clients to more complex value providing content for business to business transactions. 

There’s numerous testimonials online of SME’s who implemented sales funnels and experience staggering fast growth in their business
To build a very effective lead generation system it’s important to incorporate a sales funnel with other tools and not as a stand- alone solution.

We created a short video below which will illustrate to you how this can be done:

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