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Copy writing - your secret super power

Are you a business owner who want more clients and to increase profitability from current customers?

Here’s a secret weapon which might surprise to you: Its copy writing

What is copy writing? It’s every word you write or type to your prospective or current clients. It’s the words you use for email, newsletters, videos, transaction confirmations, advertisements (paper and online), your website etc.
Words have the tremendous power to inspire, motivate, entice, to draw or push away and bore the reader. It’s the skill that moves and warms up cold prospects to like and trust you more to become raving fan clients. 

Nearly all internet millionaires acknowledges that copy writing was the biggest contributor to their wealth, more than their product, systems, sales staff or online marketing strategy.

So how can you harness this power without enrolling for a 2 year copy writing course?

Below we present you with powerful and easy to implement tips, from world leading copywriters.

Good copy:
   People are flooded with information and ads. Your copy needs to stand out, be different, and even be a bit controversial, to stop people in their         busy tracks and pay attention. 

- Identifies and empathizes with the exact problem of the reader. 
  Get into the mind of your reader, understand their fears, goals, objections.
  People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems. Make sure you understand the problem well.

- Show them how your solution is the answer to their problem

- Illustrate the value of your solution compared to the price and solutions of your competitors

- Ask for the sale
  A simple step but so many copy tells the whole story without asking the client for sale.
  Call them to take an action!

Here's 3 Key Rules of selling to keep in mind
- People like to buy not being sold. Discover exactly what they want and need, make an emotional connection with them and offer your solution to 
  their painful problem.
- People buy firstly for emotional reasons, on impulse. I.e. think about Apple – customers are less interested in the fine technical details of the 
  latest Apple product, what they want is how great they feel and look when they have the newest version in their hands. 
- Once they bought, they need to confirm their emotional buy with logic. Understand all the objections in their mind and address them in your copy 
  so that they can justify the impulse buy to themselves.

Sell on Benefits, not on features! 
If you are a gym owner, people care less about the list of all your equipment. They care about how your facility will help them to look and feel great.
To help you with this exercise:

- Make a list of all the features of your product / service
- Next to each feature, write the benefit of the feature
- Finally, keep asking and answering yourself “So what” until you get to the ultimate benefit of the feature.

Here's an example for a gym business:
Then for the knock out punch ...

Once you understand all your benefits, complete the sentence below to get to your main benefit
Our [company/product/service] is the only one that helps [prospects] solve [problem] by [main unique promise or benefit]

A few final tips when delivering your copy :
  • Only focus on one message at a time.  A buyer with a confused mind does not buy 
  • Being clear and simple is better than trying to be clever and “salesy”
  • ​At the same time, don’t be boring and too general 
  • ​Headlines are powerful - Make the headline compelling enough to get the attention 
  • Don’t lie - I.e. don’t say it a limited time offer if it isn’t
We hope these tips will jump start the quality of your copy writing.
If you want to learn more how to incorporate this skill in a holistic digital marketing strategy, please watch the video below.

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