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"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction" Douglas MacArthur 

What a roller coaster ride we all experienced over the last few weeks?! The COVID19 lock-down caused so much uncertainty. How long will the lock-down be? Will our families be healthy? What will the world look like after lock-down? What is the best thing to do for our businesses? The financial impact on business owners and salary earners is huge.

Such times stretch our comfort levels and the perfect picture and dreams we had for 2020. How do we adjust?

I found myself impatient and frustrated at times. I had big plans for our business in 2020 with a new product launch planned and then COVID19 came. It was frustrating to put all on hold, to re-assess, to change direction in some areas where we’ve put in so much work. It felt like many steps backward. It can be tempting to freeze at the moment and stop moving forward, like a deer staring into the headlights of a moving car.

But that’s life and that’s entrepreneurship. To survive and thrive we must keep an open mind. Willing to adapt and adjust. A flexible mind that expects change and adversity.

At the moment its COVID19, but next time it might be a recession, industry change due to artificial intelligence or personal family challenge.

When we expect curve balls, change, and difficult situations we are less surprised when they arrive. 

I love the quote by Douglas MacArthur which applied to war: "We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction."
It’s a mindset I challenge myself with often: When I hit a wall or a challenge, I don’t have to stop, I can merely change direction and keep advancing all the time. Hit another wall, change direction, and keep advancing all the time. Just keeping moving forward, one step after another.

This type of resilience can be trained and forms part of the armory of every successful entrepreneur.

Let’s not freeze or feel discouraged at this time. Let’s ask the hard questions: How is the world changing? What do I need to leave behind? How can I adapt to the world after COVID19?

Let's change direction and keep advancing for the rest of 2020!

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