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5 Steps to grow a business fast without wasted marketing expenses

It’s a tough year for business owners and entrepreneurs. There is a need to revive, to get new clients, to increase profitability and to accelerate business growth again.

The challenge for many is that cash flow were severely affected this year and the available cash flow must be used wisely between serving current customers, current business expenses and growth. It’s difficult to find
the optimal balance

Excel business profit at low cost: Latest neuromarketing insights revealed

Neuromarketers can scientifically scan and measure how the human brain responds when presented with types of input:
- What type of pictures excites the neural waves in the brain?
- Which colors will most likely invite a response?
- How should a client feel when watching an advertisement to make a purchase?

See the findings below...

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction" Douglas MacArthur

What a rolercoaster we all had over the last few weeks?! The COVID19 lockdown caused so much uncertainty. How long will the lockdown be? Will our families be healthy? What will the world look like after lockdown? What is the best thing to do for our businesses? The financial impact on business owners and salary earners is huge.
Such times stretch our comfort levels and the perfect picture and dreams we had for 2020. How do we adjust?

How to achieve a 500% return on marketing investment

If you are a business owner, you are probably using a combination of these marketing strategies: Website, social media posts, perhaps the services of a generic marketing agency.
The problem with these, as you would have experienced is that...

Finish first - Cut marketing expenses last 

Have you been tempted to cut marketing expenses when times are tough?
  You are not alone! It’s very normal and one of the first areas where business owners try to “save” and improve cash flow in tough business and economic cycles... 

How to create a highly profitable value ladder

Are you a business owner who want to get more clients and increase profitability of your current customers?
Then you will be aware of these challenges when acquiring new clients...

Websites are dead. Sales funnels is the answer.

You might be wondering what on earth is a sales funnel and why would we say websites are dead?

Today, we are going to share something very exciting with you. A progressive marketing strategy utilized by some of the fastest growing SME’s globally. ..

Copy writing - your under rated super power

Are you a business owner who want more clients and to increase profitability from current customers?

Here’s a secret weapon which might surprise to you: Its copy writing

What is copy writing?...

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