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About us

Hi! I'm Pierre Muller, CEO of Aleadgiance Digital Marketing

Thank you for your interest in our business. We look forward to add value to you.

Are you tired of wasted marketing expenses, unmeasurable results or “light-weight lead generation services"? Do you need help with your online marketing? 

Our passion is to educate and help your business to grow fast. To optimize your key profit levers.

We understand what the most profitable entrepreneurs are doing and implement that for our clients.

The result?
  • More: Leads, Referrals, Cross sales, Higher profit product design, Automation to get your time back
  • Higher: Conversions and Retention
  • ​Higher profit Pricing and Billing strategies.
  • ​Ultimately: More profit, higher business value, bigger take home salary for the owner, with less work.

We offer a combination of skills with 1 goal in mind: Educate and grow your business profit 

Business coaching partner:        

First, we want to understand your ultimate goal and dream for the business and your family. We then reverse engineer the profit milestones to get you there, and help you stay on track.       

Build digital marketing systems:

Website, Content, Social Media, Paid Ads, Sales Funnels, Re-targeting strategies, Email marketing.

Online products for your business:

Virtually all businesses can increase their online footprint with online solutions complementary to their "brick and mortar" business.

Marketing automation:          

To free up your valuable time.        

Financial acumen:

Deep understanding of your financial statements and key business profit levers. 

Business value maximization:  

Profit milestones to reach your targeted business value 

My backstory... WHY I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

My parents worked hard but money was tight and a depressing topic in our home. As a young boy I wanted a better future for them and for my future family. I really wanted to find a way to take away the pain of financial insecurity my parents and I felt.
So I started looking for answers. I read all I could find (before Google!) I tried a entrepreneurship day in primary school which failed. My young mind assumed I don't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I worked various tough part time jobs before and after school to support our income.

So I followed the career path recipe, studied finance and marketing after school and became a Certified Financial Planner. It provided the theory for a job but not the cutting edge skills employed by the most successful entrepreneurs. I soon found myself trading hours for money and realized the recipe "work hard and save for retirement" is a slow, painful process.

I was looking for a way to scale my business and add other income streams. I tried multi level marketing, property investments, crypto and currency trading but I didn't have enough capital. I needed to create cash flow. I realized the answer is a business, scalable with online marketing. Only problem was that I didn't like sales, didn't have a product, am an introvert, didn't have entrepreneurial success behind me, didn't have much capital and didn't know much more about online marketing than watching friends' posts on Facebook.

But I jumped in and started to learn.

I initially thought the well known online tools will be the answer to my success... websites, SEO, social media content posts. However, I was disappointed to see they cost a lot of money, and doesn't provide measurable, positive Return On Investment.
I felt discouraged, as if my dreams were slipping away and if I should just settle for a job.

Then my dad passed away and suddenly my mom was on her own, with little income. Further, my wife really wanted to be with my kids more but we couldn't afford for her to stop working. It was painful to see how my kids wanted to spend more time with us but we had to answer "sorry daddy can't, I have to work".

So I decided I had to push again to find an answer and I started studying various business and marketing models again...

And then one day I found it... the strategy employed by businesses who grew from $0 to $100m in 3 years. A system which delivers a positive, measurable ROI of 500%+, 100 new clients per month. A system which is scalable globally, which can be automated and where the cost to acquire a new client is very low.

So I started a digital marketing business with the skills I used to grow my practice. The first time I tried this strategy as a newbie I generated 46 new client leads in 3 days for my client. It was unbelievable.

It changed everything for my business. This was the answer I was looking for since I was a young boy. It meant my mom will now be financially secure. My kids will see more of their mom and dad because money isn't an issue any more. It opened the future for my kids to study wherever they want to in the world. It enabled me, an introvert who doesn't like sales, to have a highly profitable business.

We really look forward to add this same value to you!

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